• Sarah Spicer

Bye-bye Jellyfish, hello Spider Crabs!

You may have heard reports of a Jellyfish invasion here in the UK; we saw more than our fair share in local waters while rowing, kayaking and swimming over the last few months.  New Quay even featured in a BBC news story earlier this year.

The Barrel jellyfish mentioned in this report are enormous, but very graceful when filmed underwater as you can see in the video in the BBC report.  We also saw a lot of Compass jellyfish, which are smaller than the Barrels, but much more beautifully marked.  Unfortunately we never seemed to be able to take any photos of our own, but there are beautiful images and interesting information on the The Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN) website for these jellys and hundreds more marine species associated with the UK coastline.  

The jellyfish are a food source for giant Leatherback Turtles - they especially like the big barrel jellys so perhaps we might be seeing these soon too!  I've yet to catch sight of a turtle when on the water - something to keep look out for whenever we're out and about.  Read about these fascinating creatures and sightings in Welsh waters here.

Now the jellys seem to have moved on, we were stunned to see hundreds and hundreds of Spider Crabs washed up on the strandline at Poppit Sands last Sunday.  Once again no camera was to hand.  Oh dear!  Reports from a few days later from friends walking on Poppit say that the seagulls have been busy and there are now only shells left.  The circle ofor life, beach style.

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