• Sarah Spicer

Hello pup number 2!

The word came through this morning that another pup had appeared on Cwmtydu. Just in time for my watch this evening! Pauline, who organises the Seal Watch, has kindly agreed that I can use some of her fantastic images of the seals so far - the rest of her wonderful pics will be on the Cwmtydu Bay Wildlife website in a month or two.

Pup number two, shown above, was discovered this morning by a visitor to the cove at the bottom of the steps leading from the road...and mum was relaxing in the pond formed by the stream entering the beach. You can just see this pond behind the pup in the picture.

This little one has an adventurous spirit for a one- or two- day old individual, and was spotted wandering up the stream and generally far too near the car parking area and road. Fortunately s(he) was safely delivered into one of the caves off of the beach by its very large mother, where s(he) remained for the rest of the evening. Climbing up the coast path, I could just spot the little white fluffy bundle in the safety of the cave - its coat seems a lot whiter in colour than the first pup's at the same age.

Mum eventually dragged herself out of the pond after an hour or two blowing bubbles and peering at the humans, and disappeared into the cave, presumably to feed the little one. She then went into the sea and wasn't seen until later in the evening, just as it was getting dark. More of that later...

Meanwhile, the first pup could be seen languishing on the beach, doing a remarkable impression of a discarded white fluffy rug for most of the evening. After his little trials and tribulations of Saturday (next blog, I promise!), he was obviously taking the life of a well-fed and looked after pup very seriously. Occasionally there was a twitch of a flipper, or a bit of rolling in the sand, but otherwise he was dead to the world until about 8.30 pm, when the adults started getting a bit agitated.

The bull had again been bothering pup 1's mother, with some impressive stand-offs between the adults earlier in the evening. But this time, he came up on the beach and there was a major kerfuffle, with a lot of roaring while the mother chased him away a few times. Then, another adult joined in. As it was almost dark at this point, it was difficult to see if the third adult was the second mother. All three were fighting, while the pup 1 made his way up the beach a little. After a while it seemed as if the bull disappeared into the sea, while the other adult (probably mum 2) flumped her way up the beach towards the river again.

Oh the drama!

Here are a couple more of Pauline's fantastic photos. The next blog will have Saturday's story of stormy seas and a very brave little pup... I promise!

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