• Sarah Spicer

Seal Watch Saturday

A bit out of order, due to the appearance of pup 2 yesterday!

Although I was not officially on rota on Saturday morning, I offered to help out with a gap in the watch from 9am to 9.30 am. However, we ended up spending about 2 hours there, watching mum 1 and her pup, who eventually ended up on the beach so close to us that even with my phone I could take some great pictures and videos. Pauline, coordinator of the watch, took some amazing pictures which she has kindly shared with me, and are shown below.

The seas were stormy, and the mother and pup were safely in one of the sea caves. But, the bull was worrying the mother, and she went into the sea to chase him off. But, the pup decided to follow his mother into the water. We were really worried when we couldn't see him for a few minutes, but after a while of scanning the water with binoculars, thankfully he appeared swimming next to his mother in the boiling surf.

As the tide was very high, the mum was not sure whether to bring her pup up to the safety of the beach, as the tiny strip of exposed stones was so close to the car parking area and the group of watching visitors. However, after many attempts, during which the pup was dragged back and forth in the surf, they made it. Have a look at one of the videos we took of this below....

After this epic journey for the little pup, he and his mother rested on the beach, not 5 metres from us all watching from behind the wall of the car parking area. We were delighted to see the pup feed and rest so close to us, with mum keeping a watchful eye on the nearby humans.

As I'm writing this, Storm Aileen is raging outside, with 60 mph winds due to come in from the sea at midnight. Please stay safe tonight, seals and humans alike.


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