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Complementary Zero-Waste Breakfast comes to The Cwtch!

When you book to stay at The Cwtch via the website, you will now be offered a collection of complementary self-service breakfast items, which are designed to be as Zero-Waste and Plastic-free as possible! We have previously been offering a breakfast to guests booking through one of our agents, but thought it was time to shake this up and offer it to our direct bookers as well! So, not only will you save money by booking directly, you'll get a welcome pack of breakfast items too!

Below are some ideas of what you can expect, and how we have moved away from using single-use plastics in our breakfast goods:

  • Bread from local bakeries with no plastic packaging, or home baked, rather than from supermarkets.

  • Bees wax wraps covering food made by local maker Funky Green Bee replacing cling film covering individual dishes. (This also keeps bread and vegetables beautifully fresh!)

  • Milk in returnable glass bottles rather than in single use plastic- choose from silver top, semi-skimmed or skimmed. Clink clink! Organic milk may be supplied upon request with prior notice, with a small surcharge of 30p per pint

  • Orange juice in returnable glass bottles (or freshly squeezed when available) rather than juice in tetrapaks

  • Freshly-made natural yogurt (from plastic-free milk!) in glass jars and a selection of fresh fruit or compotes, replacing supermarket fruit yogurts

  • Loose tea rather than tea bags

  • Breakfast cereals and Organic Porridge Oats purchased in bulk and presented in glass Kilner jars - this is a way of cutting back on single-portion boxes of cereals which are often offered in hotels and where B&B is offered.

  • And, we will continue to offer our home-made marmalade and jams when available, together with a jug of cool tap water in the fridge.

Meanwhile, things are changing in the bathroom too, with super-soft, 100% recycled toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap replacing the plastic-wrapped multipacks from the supermarket. And, we are replacing our liquid hand soap with the amazing natural soaps from Pembrokeshire-based The Really Wild Soap Company which contains Pembrokeshire Seaweed, honey, and wild ingredients which are collected by hand from the hedgerows, coastline and seashore around St Davids.


Look out for our next blog post which will contain news about local produce hampers which we will be offering to guests soon

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